Frequently Asked Questions


What are your hours?

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 10:00-5:30
Wednesday: 10:00-5:30
Thursday: 10:00-5:30
Friday: 10:00-5:30
Saturday: 10:00-3:00
Sunday: Closed


Where are you located?

We are located at 29209 Center Ridge Road in Westlake, Ohio, on the corner of Center Ridge Road and Porter Road. 


Do you buy gold?

We buy both gold and silver. Please stop in to have your items examined and weighed in person. We cannot give quotes without seeing the item. 


Do you make custom jewelry?

We offer custom jewelry services. This covers a wide range of options- whether you want to design a piece from scratch, update or modernize an old family heirloom, or completely change the look of a piece. 


Do you sell gift certificates?

Pressed for time or not sure what to choose? It happens to the best of us. Stanton Jewelers gift cards can be activated for any amount and do not have an expiration date.


How do I clean and take care of my jewelry?

Always clean karat gold and sterling jewelry with a cloth made for this purpose to avoid scratches or damage that can be caused from other items like paper towels.

Keep sterling silver items in a zipped pouch to prevent tarnish.

Bring your jewelry pieces in periodically for professional cleaning (free for our customers).

Remove jewelry before applying lotion, perfume or makeup to avoid dullness and dirt buildup, especially if you own pearls.

Check clasps, mountings, and other mechanisms periodically and have them repaired as needed.

Keep fine jewelry pieces separate from one another to avoid scratches.

Even soft brushes and some cleansers can do damage to pearls. Soapy water cleans your pearls best, but avoid getting the string wet since it could stretch or break.


Why choose a local jeweler?

When purchasing jewelry from a local jeweler, you can be sure that you are getting the true value for your money. You'll find our prices to be extremely competitive, because the vast majority of our work (custom jewelry, jewelry repairs, jewelry cleaning, appraisals, watch batteries and links, and engraving) is done in-house, which lets us pass the savings on to you!


Any other questions?

Please feel free to give us a call at (440) 871-7090, use our Contact Us page to send an us email, or stop by in person!